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Kauno g. 37, Vilkija, Kauno r. sav.
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People have lived in the Vilkija neighbourhood since ancient times. There are a lot of old graves, ancient settlements in this place – this is evidenced by archaeological finds.

The first historical sources testify to fierce battles with the Teutonic Order in these areas.

The ancient past of this region is evidenced by the old graves of Krūvandai, Zauniškiai, Skrebenai, Paštuva and Padauguva, and by the ancient settlement of Kriemala. Gaižuva, Padauguva, Karalgiris, Žėbiškiai, Pakarklis are reminiscent of the old Vilkija Wood that existed formerly.

Jaučakiai Mound, where the Castle of Vilkija is believed to stand in the 16th century, was explored by archaeologists. Ringovė Mound is situated on the eastern outskirts of Ringovė village. It overlooks the views of Vilkija and of the meanders of the river Nemunas. Ringovė Ethnological Reserve was established here.

Butvilioniai Mound is surrounded on all sides by the water of the dam of the river Lazduona, which is located near Purviškės.

A masonry chapel stands since time immemorial in Padubysis village, in the forest. Behind the chapel there is a well that is fed by 9 springs. According to the legend, a blind passenger stopped at this place to take a rest. He washed himself with the water from the well and began to see.

The Eldership of Vilkija Neighbourhoods is divided into 7 sub-elderships: Padauguva, Vilkija, Jaučakiai, Saulėtekis, Daugėliškiai, Purviškiai and Padubysis. There are 49 villages in the eldership. As many as 8 rural community centres operate in the eldership.

Cultural life and festivals take place in Padauguva leisure hall.


Arūnas Bačiūnas
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Deputy Elder
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Gražina Mizgaitienė
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Vanda Kutniauskienė
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Ričardas Pareigis
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Genovaitė Kalasūnienė
Social Work Organizer
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