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Ringaudai Eldership is situated west direction of Kaunas, by the western bypass. The name of the location derives from the name of Ringvaldiškiai Folwark of Marva Manor that was located in this place. The surroundings of Ringaudai have long been inhabited. This is evidenced by Virbališkiai and Pypliai Mounds. The latter dates back to the 14th-15th centuries. The old settlements were located in its eastern and southern foothills.

The area of the eldership is 5,902 ha, 45.5% of them is agricultural land, 5.9% - forests, 48.6% - waters and areas of other purpose.

At the beginning of 2017, Ringaudai Eldership had the population of about 6,728 people. Noreikiškės (1,770 residents) is the centre of the eldership. There are 19 villages in the territory of the eldership, the larger of which are Ringaudai (3,351 residents), Mitkūnai (307 residents), Virbališkiai (307 residents), Pypliai (245 residents), and Gaižėnai (121 residents).

Ringaudai Eldership was established on 1 January 1999. It is famous for its past and objects of cultural value. In 1928, Tabariškės Church was built near Tabariškės cemetery. The priest Pranas Račiūnas, who was the Lithuanian Marian Provincial, long time served as a priest in this church. The remains of the naturalist and Professor Tadas Ivanauskas, and of Liudas Vailionis, who was a botanist, an active public figure and Professor, rest in peace in this cemetery. The homesteads of these famous personalities survived into present day. Their residential houses in Akademija Eldership are marked with commemorative plaques. Kamša zoological-botanical reserve, with an area of 321 hectares, was founded in 1960 at the initiative of the scientist T. Ivanauskas.

In 1996, a memorial stone in honour of Andrius Vištelis-Višteliauskas, who was a poet, translator, the participant of Aušrininkai movement, the participant in 1863 National Liberation Rebellion, was opened in the place of the former homestead in Gaižėnai village. In 1935, Ugnė Karvelis (died in 2002 in Paris), the Lithuanian state and public figure, literary critic, translator, writer, was born in Noreikiškės, where Veronika Karvelienė and Petras Karvelis owned Noreikiškės Manor. Since 1993 she was the Permanent Representative of Lithuania to UNESCO. The secondary school in Noreikiškės was named in her honour Akademija Ugnė Karvelis Gymnasium.

Karveliai oak, a botanical object of Lithuanian natural heritage, grows in Pypliai village. It is one of several oaks in Lithuania with a trunk of a girth of more than 7 m. The oak is called Karveliai oak (from Lithuanian word “karvelis” which means pigeon) because pigeons hatched in the tree. In 1968, Karveliai oak was announced a natural monument, since 1987 it is classified as a monument of republican significance.

The World War I German and Russian cemetery in Armaniškiai survived into the present day. 1183 graves of German and Russian soldiers were recorded in this cemetery. The cemetery is often visited by schoolchildren, travellers, even German delegations arrive to pay tribute to their fallen nationals. A typical wooden cross in memory of the fallen soldiers was erected at the order of the National Union for Care of German Soldiers' Graves.

A cycle lane runs on the left bank of the river Nemunas from Marvelė to Kačerginė. It connects Kaunas city with the district and stretches through several elderships: Akademija, Ringaudai and Kačerginė. The lane overlooks spectacular views which cyclists can admire on their way. Pypliai Mound can be visited.

Highway Via Baltica, and the regional road No 140 Kaunas-Zapyškis-Šakiai pass through the territory of the eldership.

The establishments that operate in the eldership: Ringaudai Primary School, Ringaudai leisure hall, Ringaudai library, service and entertainment complex “Timėjas“, in Noreikiškės - the meteorological observation group, in Gaižėnėliai – the Public Institution National Ring, which is a special racing circuit for cars and motorcycles. UAB “Pyplių ūkis“ is located in Pypliai village. It organizes educational programs for bread baking. Rural tourism homesteads: “Du broliai” (Two brothers), “Kačerginės pamiškė“, quest house “Nemuno turas” (Nemunas Tour), apartment rent, etc.

In September 2014, a private nursery “Vaikystės lobiai“ (Treasures of Childhood) started operating in Noreikiškės.

In 2016, a wakeboarding park “Dock7” was established in Noreikiškės.




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Roma Klupšienė
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