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Liutsbergas (Linksmakalnis) is situated near Kaunas-Prienai-Alytus highway, by the confluence of the rivers Jiesia and Šventupis that is surrounded by cliffs. The town is surrounded by ponds. The nature here surprises with its beauty - flocks of swans and ducks, the stream full of crayfish, the forests are rich in mushrooms.

Lutsbergas is mentioned in historical documents already in the 19th century as a folwark with the population of 52 people in 1886.

In 1909, the svaras that stood here (it was owned by Lyzentalis, the German national) and the surrounding lands were acquired by K. Gustaitis, the housekeeper of Count Tyszkiewicz, who became reach.

After the World War I, Liutsbergas village is also mentioned in the sources. There were 12 farms with 78 residents in Liutsbergas Manor. At the end of 1944, the Soviet military began large-scale construction in Liutsbergas. All residents were evicted from the former place of the manor, the territory was fenced with a barbed-wire fence. The palace of the manor was destroyed by the Soviets, and at the entrance to Linksmakalnis armed guards were on alert to prevent access of unauthorized persons to the protected territory

During the period from 1944 to 1950, German captives built barracks and dwellings in the town.

The Soviet Army Unit that was located in Linksmakalnis was particularly secretive because it had to set up a Radio Intelligence Centre for foreign intelligence in radio engineering and diplomatic relations with Western Europe. It was intended for listening to all radio messaging broadcasted in Europe. Several thousand military personnel and translators worked here. The staff of the centre and their families were barred from working or living elsewhere.

Soviet soldiers and their families withdrew from Linksmakalnis only on 16 June 1993. This date is commemorated each year as the Summer Festival.

In 2008, Linksmakalnis became a separate eldership. The elementary school-nursery, leisure hall, outpatient clinic, sports club operate here. A shelter for stray animals – the Public Institution “Penkta koja”, that subsists thanks to the efforts of volunteers, also operates in Linksmakalnis.


Prepared according the book “Decades in the Area around Kaunas” (“Pakaunės dešimtmečiai“) (compiled by Petras Garnys).



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