Karmėlavos seniūnija
Vilniaus g. 65a, Karmėlava, Kauno r. sav.
(8 37) 399 255

Working hours

M - Fr
8.00 - 17.00
8.00 - 15.45
lunch break 12.00 - 12.45


Karmėlava Eldership is one of the largest elderships of Kaunas District, with the administrative centre located in Karmėlava town. The eldership covers an area of 4,384 hectares. The town is situated near the highway between Kaunas and Zarasai, about 14 km from the central part of Kaunas city, on the left bank of the river Neris, between the streams Zversa and Šešuva. Ramučiai is the second largest village in the eldership. In addition to them ,11 villages are attributed to the eldership: Martinava, Margava, Sergeičikai 1st village, Sergeičikai 2nd village, Biruliškės, Pelainiai, Rykštynė, Naujasodis, Kaukazas, Narėpai ir Vaistariškiai. The eldership has the population of about 7,250 people.

The airport is located in the territory of Karmėlava Eldership. About 800 thousand passengers per year arrive to and departure from the airport. The industrial area FEZ (Free Economic Zone) is expanding rapidly in the territory of the eldership. This attracts millions of foreign investment and creates jobs for thousands of people.

Karmėlava Eldership is unique for its geographical position. It is very convenient to travel from this place by various roads to all directions of Lithuania and in direction of other countries. Kaunas city is quite near. A1 Vilnius-Kaunas-Klaipėda Highway is also near, and A6 Kaunas-Zarasai-Daugavpils highway is within arm‘s reach. Therefore, it is not surprising that large domestic companies and foreign investors choose the Free Economic Zone, which is located in this place, to set up their business.

The children of the eldership are educated at Karmėlava Balys Buračas Gymnasium, while the younger children – in the nursery school “Žilvytis”. The organisations and establishments that operate in the eldership: the Church of Saint Ann, outpatient clinic, library, Ramučiai Cultural Hub. Travellers are invited to visit two mounds that are situated in the eldership. Karmėlava Community Centre “Židinys“ (“Fireplace”) is active in the eldership.



Violeta Armolaitienė
(8 37) 399 255, 8 647 28071
Vida Balčiūnienė
Deputy Elder
(8 37) 399 253, 8 670 90820
Audronė Ridikienė
Deputy Elder
(8 37) 399 255, 8 670 85513
Janė Lašienė
Chief accountant
(8 37) 399 255
Liudmila Juozelskienė
Cemetery caretaker
(8 37) 399 255, 8 641 43405
Vytautas Janušaitis
(8 37) 399 255, 8 676 80455
Lidija Morkūnienė
Social Work Organizer
(8 37) 399 293, 8 609 76107
Kristina Urbonaitė
Social Worker working with families
(8 37) 399 293, 8 655 60429
Valerija Stonienė
Assistant Social Worker (home services)
8 652 94216
Vitas Štandt
8 670 79654