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22 villages with the population of nearly 7,400 people, that are situated in the area of 8,430 ha, form the Eldership of Garliava Neighbourhoods.

The Eldership of Garliava Neighbourhoods is situated on the southeast outskirts of Kaunas District.

On the northern side, the stream Sąnaša separates the eldership from Kaunas city, on the eastern and southern sides the river Jiesia divides it from Rokai Eldership and Išlaužas Eldership of Prienai District, and on the western side it borders Alšėnai Eldership and Garliava City Eldership.

The larger villages are - Teleičiai (1,964 people), Ilgakiemis (7,99 people), Juragiai (661 people), Jonučiai Second village (611 people), Naugardiškės (456 people), Seniava (403 people), Karkazai (375 people), Pagiriai (376 people).

The house in which a writer K. Boruta lived is still standing on the slope in Ražiškiai village. Some part of the story “Baltaragio malūnas” (literally The Mill of Baltaragis), “Mediniai stebuklai” (literally Wooden mirracles), “Dangus griūva (literally The sky is falling), many narratives and poems were written here.

Jiesia Landscape Reserve, that occupies a territory of the lower reaches of this river with an area of 410 ha, is situated in the eldership. Picturesque outcrops of the coast of the river Jiesia with the rocks of Cretaceous and Quaternary period, erosive slopes and banks can be seen here. Rare plant species that are under protection grow in the valley that is also the home for 50 species of birds and 12 species of bats.

“Rail Baltica“ railway of European track gauge crosses Garliava Eldership.

Via Baltica highway stretches from Kaunas towards Marijampolė. Logistics companies are being set up near the highway.

The organisations and establishments that operate in the eldership: library, school-nursery, Ilgakiemis Leisure Hall of Samylai Cultural Centre, 4 trading points, 3 cafes-bars.

A number of companies that successfully compete in the global market and create many jobs for the residents of the eldership also operate here. The abandoned houses of the former “Pajiesis” kolkhoz were renovated and adapted for own needs by a company “Naujasis Nevėžis” that produces (mainly for export) breakfast cereals. Around 200 people work in this company.

About 100 more jobs were created in a Norwegian-Lithuanian joint venture Marex Boats, that manufactures glass-plastic boats mainly for overseas customers. A company “Saldoga” also operates successfully. About 150 local residents work in this fish processing company. A company Garlita, which exports most of its knitwear to other European countries, has created about the same number of jobs.

Agricultural production is successfully developed in the territory of the eldership: UAB “Juragiai” is engaged in crop and livestock farming, a farm of Daiva Dirmeikienė and Arūnas Dirmeikis – in crop farming.

On the occasion of the 10th anniversary of 13 January 1991, a sculpture “The Pensive Christ” (the author Vladas Krušna) was erected near Juragiai Radio and Television Broadcasting Station. In 1988, at the initiative of the residents of Karkazai village a monument of the 10th anniversary of Lithuanian Independence was restored.

The Third Fort of Kaunas Fortress in Seniava village is a Cultural Heritage Site. There are three cemeteries of the World War I German soldiers in the territory of the eldership: in Stanaičiai, Tvarkiškiai, and Teleičiai villages. The old Jewish cemetery and the graves of the genocide victims in Rinkūnai village are reminiscent of the fate of Jewish nation.

Private and apartment houses are rapidly built, a number of the residents is growing, and there are almost no unemployed people in the eldership. The villages of Ireniškiai, Jonučiai Second village and Karkazai are currently undergoing the biggest development.


Prepared according to the book “Decades in the Area around Kaunas” (“Pakaunės dešimtmečiai“) (compiled by Petras Garnys).




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