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At first glance, you won't say that Garliava is only 200 years old. There is nearly no difference between a large well maintained and managed settlement of Kaunas district and the city. If there was no boundary marker of Kaunas, those arriving to and leaving Kaunas might think that they are traveling in the suburb. And they would be right. In the 20th century, Garliava was the centre of Kaunas District Volost, a centre of the neighbourhood...

Garliava has developed from a street village that was situated near the then Kaunas-Marijampolė-Warsaw post road. A manor landlord of Freda Juozapas Godlevskis, who was called Garliauckis by the local people, is considered to be the founder of Garliava. In 1809, he built three religious buildings: the Church of the Most Holy Trinity, a house of prayer for Evangelical Lutherans and a synagogue for Jews.

Garliava grew rapidly. In the twenties of the 19th century, there were only 12 houses and 160 residents in Garliava. With the century coming to an end, Garliava Parish already consisted of 33 manors and folwarks, 41 villages with the population of more than 14 thousand people.

Garliava is one of the most prominent points of patriotism on the map of Lithuania. It is enough to look at the monuments of the dead volunteers bearing the names of the cavalry of the Cross of Vytis. There were more of them in Garliava than in all Samogitia. Or to remember June of 1941 alone, the first deportations when several dozens of guilty without guilt families of Garliava residents were sent far away to Siberia...

During the years of the Soviet occupation, dozens of the locals of Garliava fought for the freedom, acted as communicators of the forest brothers. Birutė brigade of Tauras district commanded by Juozas Lukša repeatedly fought in unequal battles against the occupants in the surroundings of Garliava.

Nearly 12 thousand people live in today's city of Garliava. The eldership is divided into 7 Sub-Elderships. Businesses established here not only help to solve a problem of people's employment,  but also contribute to the beautification of the city - take care of the infrastructure, maintain territories, support various projects.

In recent years, beautification of Garliava was particularly rapid - the rebuilt art school invites children to draw and to learn playing musical instruments. The reconstructed library is astonishing in its spaciousness and modernity.

The newly built Sports and Culture Centre hosts major sports events in the district, and sometimes whose of nationwide importance, also serves for the needs of the community. The general education institutions – Juozas Lukša Gymnasium and A. Mitkus Lower Secondary School were also renovated.

Prepared according to the book “Decades in the Area around Kaunas” (“Pakaunės dešimtmečiai“) (compiled by Petras Garnys).


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Deputy Elder
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Deputy Elder
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Head of the office
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Deputy Elder
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Social Work Organizer
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