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Ežerėlis is one of three cities in Kaunas District. It is situated about 27 km west of Kaunas.

The area of the city is 225.8 ha, 22% of them are farmlands, 0.9% are forests, and 76.9% are built-up areas and areas of other purpose.

The beginning of the development of the settlement dates back to the years of the World War First when Germans began to drain peat bogs and dig peat in this area, transported it by the River Nemunas and carried on board of barges to Germany. Later, Swedes, Kaunas businessman Jasaitis, and Kaunas City Municipality took the control of the peat bog. The latter allowed workers of the peat bog to build dwellings in the dug off areas of the land of the peat bog.

In 1956, Ežerėlis was granted a city status.

In 1994, the Saint Anthony parish of Ežerėlis was established, the church started to operate.

Ežerėlis has the population of 1,850 people.

The organisations and establishments that operate in the eldership: Lower Secondary School, nursery, cultural centre, library, post office, forestry office, fire department fire brigade, community home. Health care services are provided in the outpatient clinic, pharmacy, nursing home, dental clinic.

Business companies located in the eldership: UAB “Klasmann Deilmann Ežerėlis”, UAB „Erelitos baldai“, UAB „Ežerėlio vaivorykštė“, UAB “Kilminė”, UAB “Vinapack”, 6 stores, hairdressing saloon.

Various public organizations operate in the city: entertainment and sports club “Ežerietis“, the unit of Lithuanian Association of People with Disabilities, Ežerėlis Community Centre, Youth and Adult Education Centre, dog sports club “Crazyfoxes” started operating.

In 2006, on the occasion of the 50th anniversary of Ežerėlis city, the Coat of Arms and the flag of Ežerėlis city were approved (artist Rolandas Rimkūnas) and the oak sculpture “50th anniversary of Ežerėlis city“ was erected (the author of the sculpture Algimantas Sakalauskas).

Three cranberry twigs are depicted in the silver background of the Coat of Arms.

Silver symbolizes water, chastity, justice, while cranberry, a marsh berry, symbolizes a swampy region of Ežerėlis and strength of the local people because red colour of the berries means courage and love, green colour of the twigs symbolizes freedom, beauty, happiness, health and hope.

In 2015, the 100th anniversary of Ežerėlis peatbog was celebrated, a new site was equipped, a sculpture “100th anniversary of Ežerėlis peatbog“ (the author of the sculpture Pijus Česiūnas).

Prepared according to the book “Decades in the Area around Kaunas” (“Pakaunės dešimtmečiai“) (compiled by Petras Garnys).


Vilmantė Macijauskaitė
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Violeta Guogienė
Deputy Elder
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Nijolė Labutienė
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Social Work Organizer
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