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Akademija Eldership, that coincides with the boundaries of Akademija town, is one of the smallest and youngest elderships in the area around Kaunas. The settlement of the then Lithuanian Academy of Agriculture marks the beginning of the eldership. The activities of Aleksandras Stulginskis University (ASU), its vibrant, youthful academic community, and the specialization in natural sciences of this university still has a significant direct influence on the rhythm of the life of the eldership.

Akademija is a significant centre of attraction for the reptesentatives of science and knowledge-intensive business. The Integrated science, study and business centre (Valley) „Nemunas“, which is dedicated to the development of Lithuanian agriculture, forestry and food sector, operates here.

In autumn and spring, the whole Lithuania seems to gather in Akademija: agricultural producers, processors, machinery dealers, owners of forests, gardens and fields, craftsmen, folk artists and countless buyers meet together at the traditional international exhibitions which are the largest in the country organized by Aleksandras Stulginskis University.

The academic, natural science traditions of this place date back to the Interwar times. The eldership is situated in the dominions of the former Marva Manor. Back in those days, the volunteers of the battles for Lithuania‘s independence settled here after being given parcels of land, the country's intelligentsia fostered prosperous farms and gardens. Hundreds of valuable plants preserved in impressive Obelynė Park, that was planted by Tadas Ivanauskas, one of the most famous Lithuanian naturalists, and rich cognitive legacy of the naturalist, prove this fact to be true.  

The funds for the recovered lands of the former Karveliai Manor were used to strengthen another centre of culture and education – Akademija Gymnasium: such was the legacy of Ugnė Karvelis, literary critic, translator, Lithuanian ambassador to UNESCO, originating from this region, to the young generation. Today, Ugnė Karvelis Gymnasium not only keeps the memory of the literary critic and translator, but also educates young talents, new athlettes and educated young generation are being developed in the gymnasium.

Akademija town has always been special – it has long been a small, well maintained settlement of agricultural scientists and students with exemplary areas of vegetation. In 1999, after splitting into two parts Noreikiškės Eldership that has been here for a long time, Akademija has become a separate eldership with a territory of 290 hectares. In 2015, after the boundaries with Ringaudai Eldership were revised and after the town, that surrounds Kamša Botanical-Zoological Natural Reserve, was attributed to Akademija, the territory increased to 464 hectares. 

Obelynė Botanical Park, that was founded by famous naturalist Tadas Ivanauskas (1882-1970), the monument of history, landscape and architecture of national importance, is situated in the outskirts of the eldership, by the river Nemunas.

In 2015, Eleonora Baltuškevičienė, the step-daughter of the professor, who is the inheritor of Obelynė Park, and Kaunas District Municipality Administration have entered into the contract whereby the homestead was transferred to the municipality under the lending right. The branch of Kaunas District Museum was founded in Obelynė, it will take care for and ensure protection of the dendrological collection of professor T. Ivanauskas, the park and other valuables. The museum that was founded in the house surrounded by a lush garden and flower beds houses all items that belonged to T. Ivanauskas. The tree and shrub collection of Obelynė Park consists of more than 200 species of trees and shrubs – mainly from North America, a lesser part - from Southern Europe and Africa.

There are no large business enterprises and farms in the eldership because each year a growing number of agricultural parcels becomes residential land. The real property in these surroundings in the area near Kaunas is expensive, and many people wish to acquire it. Nothing surprising because it is a great strategic location, nearby are picturesque slopes of the river Nemunas, Kamša Botanical-Zoological Natural Reserve, Kaunas is just a 10-15 minute drive away travelling along the river Nemunas that is fed with waters of the river Neris. When driving on the busy Via Baltica highway, that divides the eldership in two parts, it is convenient to make a turn to Vilnius or Klaipėda direction. The roads from Akademija also lead towards Suvalkija or Dzūkija.


Information from the book “Decades in the Area around Kaunas” (“Pakaunės dešimtmečiai“) that was published in 2015 (compiled by P.Garnys).


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