Reception procedure in Kaunas district municipality during the reconstruction of the building

Specialists of Kaunas District Municipality Administration welcome and consult residents on the ground floor of the old Municipal Building at Savanorių Ave. 371, Kaunas.

Acceptance of letters, requests, complaints; fees and licenses; issuance of documents; for other questions contact the following contacts:

Raminta Grėbliauskienė - mob. No. 8 620 13 051

Indrė Mozūraitienė - mob. No. (8 614) 05 126

For social issues contact the following contacts:

Audronė Drūlytė - mob. No. (8 670) 91 210

Airija Statakaitė - mob. No. (8 601) 92 398

For constructions permits, planning of territories, addressing, advertising permissions please contact the following contacts:

Džuljeta Bartkienė - mob. No. (8,670) 97,342

Registration of agricultural machinery, technical inspection of agricultural vehicles, provision of agricultural machinery consultation:

Viktor Aleksejevič  -  mob. No. (8 687) 42 520

 The Civil Registration Department welcomes residents at Raudondvaris Castle (Pilies takas 1, Raudondvaris).

 Marriages, divorces, birth certificates and other extracts from the civil status record are registered here.

 More Information

 Members of Kaunas District Municipal Council sit in the Small Hall of the Raudondvaris Arts Incubator.

 During the reconstruction of Kaunas district municipality building (Savanorių pr. 371, Kaunas), municipal employees are temporarily working in other premises – office complex „Žaliakalnio terasos” (Savanorių pr. 276, Kaunas), but their contacts do not change;

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